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Is Female Body Building Exercise Any Harder?

Many women are going into body building exercise programs because they like the challenge of the sport. They all find it equally taxing or equally easy as the men do. Nobody ever said body building exercise is any tougher for women.

Body Building Exercise Means Building of Muscle

Today, women have gone into all the fields than men have conquered and previously thought only their domain. You have women on ships, you have women pilots, women are in the marines and women in the army. You have women football players, you have women cricketers and you have women sharpshooters. Fortunately, wherever women go, they have done well and won accolades.

There is actually nothing special in body building exercise. It is just a program or a gym regime for building up muscles. All human beings have got the same build and the same number of muscles. There is nothing different in a woman or a man other than more developed pectoral muscles in women. Hence, there is nothing really too great about women taking up body building exercise and succeeding at it.

Some people will argue that men build up muscles easier because they are aided by testosterone, which is a muscle-building hormone, while women on the other hand have estrogen. Estrogen is known as a fat-building hormone. This is important only when women stop exercising. At that time women tend to pack weight on much faster than men.

Today, there are many contests where women take part after a competitive body building exercise program. Many are of the opinion that a muscular woman is kind of a put-off. However, this is not true, because the muscles are there anyway. The exercise only builds them up in such a way that the body acquires a V-shape. Now, when the muscles are at rest, man or woman would look the same as ordinary people ? maybe a bit more corpulent, but nothing more than that.

There are quite a few advantages for women. The first is that the women gain enough confidence about their capability to be able to defend themselves in any type of emergency. Secondly, the body building exercise program keeps a good control on weight gain, for which most of the times bodybuilding women actually look sexier.

There are a few disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage is that if the exercise is neglected, there is a fast and massive weight gain that can be very demoralizing. This is why, when you decide to take up such exercises, you will need to follow an ironclad discipline both in exercising and in diet.

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